About Duckchaser Folding Kayaks
  • Compact  Lightweight
  • Custom designs
  • Easy to transport

Duckchaser Folding Kayaks are small, easy and fun to use watercraft that are best suited in still or slow moving water like lakes, non rapid rivers etc. They are made using high quality plywood, canvas, pine and glues, only a few small screws are used.

This Duckchaser design is thanks to the Palo Alto Scout Group of America, who’s original design this is. It was then modified by Don Nicholson of Melbourne Victoria Australia to what it is today. Duckchasers are easy to transport, you can fit 6-8 on a standard roof rack, depending on your car / SUV etc.
Duckchaser Kayaks are usually made to order, and take around 6 weeks to complete to white finish (completion times can vary depending on how busy it is.
Example, Summer months are the busiest)

We usually have some standard design Duckchaser Kayaks in stock for a fast delivery when required. To create your own style it is best to purchase a plain white or black Duckchaser Kayak and paint it yourself to your own individual design. *Custom designs are available – price is on application.

What you get when you order a Duckchaser Kayak is the Duckchaser and a paddle. (Paddles are now supplied universal hold – suits left and right handed people)

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